Driving in to Deer Ridge

We left Wolf Creek about 10:00 this morning and backtracked our way through Straussberg and the surrounding farmlands. Made a stop in Effingham for more dog food and a few supplies then got back on the I-70 heading into Indiana. Made a few rest stops, but mostly just a solid day of driving. I actually had a treat just after Indianapolis – I passed another motorhome! My only passing of a vehicle in a week.

Challenge This!

Somewhere along the line we gained another hour and entered EST. After 6 hours on the road, we arrived at Deer Ridge Camping Resort, a modest little campground set among a grove of trees along a small creek. I had called earlier and got one of the few remaining spots. 

The dogs were tired and didn’t want to eat. I made us some cheese sandwiches and salad. We sat out at the table studying the map and figuring out our next move.

Walked the dogs around the grounds. They have a small pool, a little mini- golf course and lots of patio and recreation areas. A peaceful area with lots of down home locals camping for the long weekend. We’re not much in the mood for socializing, so we might skip watching the Notre Dame game in the rec building. We went back to the RV and relaxed inside writing, reading and paying bills online. Early to bed to get an early start and cover some ground tomorrow.

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