Getting wet in Lake Shelbyville


I awoke with a bit of a headache and stayed in bed a while this morning. PJ was up early and walking the dogs. They returned to the wetland area and the dogs reacted the same way as last night. The ponds must be some form of a dog fountain of youth. They sped around and rolled in the wet grass and generally behaved like young pups. They came back and we had breakfast and looked at pictures we had taken. I took a shower then we did a little housekeeping. I removed the trap on the bathroom sink and cleaned out all of the gross hair and gunk. Superglued the rubber nub that holds the cutting board in place over the kitchen sink and reorganized my cupboard.


Around 2:00, we put everything aside and jumped on our bikes and rode through the other campground at Lick Creek, then we took the outside roadway down to the ‘beach’. It was about a two mile pedal down to a nicely groomed large grained sand beach. There was only one other person there so we had it to ourselves. The buoyed off area was about 200 meters wide, so we swam some laps back and forth. PJ surprised me with how fast she can swim. We enjoyed ourselves playing in the warm water of Shelbyville Lake for quite some time. We got out and laid around on the sand until it got too cold, then we raced up the small hill and rode back to the camp where we released the hounds and took them for a walk.


Sat out in lawn chairs reading. My latest book is Game of Thrones. Pretty good so far. We might have to download the video and see what all of the hype is about. The other books I’ve read so far have been East of Eden by Steinbeck and a McMurtry novel about Wyatt Earp, the Last Kind Words Saloon. Both decent reads. For dinner, I cooked up some omelets and served them with salad and tortillas, a satisfying repast. At sunset, we took the dogs for another stroll then came home and had a long chat with our new neighbors, Dan and Cathy with their daughter Rebecca. Cool people from the local area who filled us in on the local politics and history of the area. Bugs were beginning to bite, so we went inside and did some writing and lounging before hitting the hay



2 thoughts on “Getting wet in Lake Shelbyville

  1. Hi mike are you able to receive texts? Jerry had a question? love all your pictures! are you two having fun? miss you guys


    1. We are living life to the fullest. PJ said it’s like being kids again but with only half the energy 😎 There are ups and downs but no two days are the same. We get phone about 40% of the time since we keep getting off the beaten path. We switched to T-mobile for the Mexico coverage but they sure do have poor coverage outside of big cities in the U.S. But a lot of places we’ve been nobody gets any signal. Look forward to seeing you two down the road.


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