Downtime in Mystic, CT

At 5:00 a.m. we were wakened by a child having a tantrum in the camp across the road. The parents started growling at one another in frustration, so I turned on the A/C for white noise and tried to get back to sleep. I finally caught a few more Z’s but woke up with a slight headache and moving a bit slow.

We started our day with a hike back by the little pond in the woods behind the camp. Koda was happy to find a spot where she could get into the water and have a little swim. There were lots of little frogs hanging around on the bank and the water striders were skating across the calm, glassy surface of the pool. The dogs ran through the open grassy area and Koda rolled in the wet grass, smiling as she played.

We had some coffee and tea, then decided to beat the kids to the swimming pool for a morning dip. Water was warm and there were only a few people swimming, kids with their parents. Soon more families joined them, so we exited the water and dried off on the lounge chairs before heading back to camp. 

We had a late breakfast and rolled out the awning and relaxed around our campsite. Our neighbor to the back has an old Vanagon and PJ started up a conversation with him. We all hung around for a while talking and checking out his Suburu powered VW. Wynn is 85 years old and drove the Vanagon out here from Oregon along with his little dog to attend a reunion of Navy veterans from the submarine base nearby. 

He is a Vietnam vet and had lots of interesting stories about his comrades at their convention. Some are WW II vets even older than he is. He was a medic on submarines during his time in the service. Interesting character and inspirational that he is still traveling the country in his tricked out van having adventures at his age. 

We noticed the pool was empty after lunch hour, so we went over for another swim. Between lounging around, swimming and tending to the dogs, the day just passed us by. PJ made us some tasty seafood salad sandwiches for a late lunch/ early dinner and that was about the extent of our day. Relaxing and looking forward to reaching Pete and Carole’s tomorrow.

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