A Warm Welcome at Carole and Pete’s

At Home with Carole and Pete

After our celebratory dip in the ocean, we continued on to Narragansett. We parked out in front of the Atlantic Inn where we had stayed for a weekend on our last visit and walked around the sea wall for a moment until a rain squall sent us back into the camper. Drove out past the Coast Guard House, a fine restaurant where the power went out last time we were there and we had to dine in the dark. On past main beach and the Narrow River then on to PJ’s parents home in Warwick.

The Coast Guard House

Carole and Pete came out to welcome us and we sat for hours out on the sun porch chatting and catching up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives. We walked around the yard checking the temperature in the little pool and seeing which flowers were still in bloom. The dogs were enjoying the large yard and all of the loving attention they were getting from the folks.

I had a little package waiting for me from Cherokee Park in Ohio. I had inadvertently left my favorite coffee mug that my friend Steve had had made for me a few years ago. I’m sure you’ve seen it in many a blog post with my smiling face sitting at the Lumberyard in Encinitas on the front. Pamela had phoned the kind woman who runs the front office and asked if they’d seen it and she went to our site and discovered it resting on the electric tower. She carefully packed it and mailed it back and there it sat, faithfully waiting to deliver me another hot cup of tea.

Many thanks to Cherokee Park
Pamela and Carole went out o the RV and adhered state number 13 to out little sticker on the side of the motorhome. Rhode Island, a mere postage stamp of a decal but there it is, a complete stripe of states from Pacific to Atlantic.

State #13

I got in a little nap, then PJ’s Aunt Norma and Uncle Clayton arrived. They had come down from New Hampshire to attend a reunion down near Narragansett and they were coming to spend the night before continuing home tomorrow. They arrived just about the same time as the pizza, so we relaxed in the parlor eating pizza and getting the latest family news from them. The conversation and football watching went on until late. Wonderful to be among family and resting in their comfortable home.

Aunt Norma

Uncle Clayton

Warwick Sunset

2 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome at Carole and Pete’s

  1. Oh, made me cry! So happy you are with Mum and Dad and got to visit with Norma and Clayton! What an extraordinary adventure you are having. Glad you get to be snugly in their home, safe and sound! Love you all! The California Johnson’s


  2. Wohoo, Camp Warwick!!! Safe and sound for awhile. Next route either North or South….Lexi let us know she doesn’t want to go further east right now.
    Hi Pete & Carole! Love to all, Ray and Sandy


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