Hanging at the House

Everyone gathered at the dining room table for an enjoyable breakfast this morning. Lots of conversation and good food. After eating, Norma and Clayton loaded up the car, said their goodbyes and headed home to New Hampshire.

Pete and I built a temporary fence on the side of the house to get the dogs enclosed and allow them free run of the back yard. We spent a few hours digging post holes and nailing up the fencing material Pete had purchased for the project. Things went smoothly and we soon had a workable partition up. There are a few improvements we might add to help it latch more soundly but overall it should do the job.

After a bit of lunch and a nap, PJ and I jumped in the pool for an afternoon swim. We splashed around for a while then sat out in the sun with the folks and enjoyed watching the birds socializing in the bird bath. The backyard looks beautiful and Koda was making herself a nest in the cool, ivy like ground cover next to the clothes line. As the sun moved low in the sky, it began to cool off so we moved inside.

Pete’s doughboy, cool and refreshing

Pete made us a dinner of salad, lasagne and garlic bread. We all ate at the table talking about books we’ve read and making plans for the coming weeks. Watched a little t.v. then retired to our room to read and write. Early to bed.

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