Stuffies and Tree Removal

Pam was up early this morning getting ready to drive her mom to the beauty salon to get her hair styled. I relaxed in the parlor with Pete reading the paper and drinking tea. Almost done with Game of Thrones. Around 11:00, the girls returned with Carole’s hair looking ready for the runway. Pete and I jumped in the car and took off to take care of some errands.

Stlyin’ Hairdo

First we went to the blood lab so Pete could have some blood work done. The place was nearly empty, so we were in and out quickly. Next, we headed over to the library where we checked out the next book in my series using Pete’s card. I had better get busy reading because it’s a fat book and I don’t have much time to get it read. 
Lots of reading going on

Pete needed to pick up his prescription at CVS so that was our next stop. I grabbed a few small items for PJ and I while we were there. We had passed Tommy’s Clam Shack on the way over and I hadn’t had any quahogs or clam cakes since we arrived in Rhode Island so I talked Pete into stopping to pick up some lunch. We grabbed some stuffed quahogs, clam cakes and small cups of chowder.

Clam cakes, chowder and stuffies

Back at the house, we sat out in the sunroom and ate our seafood. Tommy’s serves up some pretty tasty seafood and isn’t stingy about throwing some clams in their chowder. Rested afterwards reading. Finished my book and started on the next one. 

Gotta love a stuffed quohog

Meanwhile the neighbor was having a tree cut down much to Pete’s disappointment. The tree service guys were up in a bucket and Pete had a ring side seat in a chair out back to supervise their cutting. I was afraid a wayward branch might fall on him, but he felt safe where he was. That was our excitement for the afternoon. Branches were everywhere in the yard. Lots of noise cutting things down then grinding them up. The workers did a good job clearing everything up when they were down and they were gone by 5:30.

It was a pretty mellow evening at the house. A bit of dinner, watching Wheel of Fortune, and just hanging with the folks. Beautiful full moon making it appear like daytime outside.

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