A Walk in the Park

Pete honored us with one of his famous cheese soufflés for breakfast this morning. We all enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading into Providence to spend a day at Roger Williams Park.

Chef Peter

On the way, we drove by the house where the family lived when PJ was born. I wonder what the current tenants were thinking while this carload of seniors sat parked in front of their house snapping photos of the residence. Her parents gave us some family history as we drove the few blocks to the bay front.

Where it All Began

We sat at a small park with a beautiful vista of the marina. We were carefully watching a family loading up their dinghy to return to their sailboat tied up in the little cove. Everyone adding to a running commentary on having kids in a boat.

When we pulled up to the park, there was a big dog event going on. Hundreds of people walking their dogs like a 5k through the greenery of Roger Williams. We did a slow drive by then rolled through the parking area at the carousel and swan boats. A lovely park covering a large part of downtown with lots of trees, gardens and small lakes.

The handicap sticker provided us with front row parking at the zoo. Not too many out on this warm breezy afternoon. We rented a wheelchair for Carole and took our time touring the nicely landscaped grounds. Lots of animals and interesting people to check out.

As the shadows grew long, we returned to the house and ordered grinders and salad from Don’s Pizza down the block. After eating, we tortured Carole and Pete with a slideshow of our trip so far. We made it up to about Illinois when Pete threw up the white flag. We’ll show them the rest later.😳

3 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. The anteater, the giraffe’s tongue and the elephants rock! we were at the SD zoo a week ago. so nice to see so many of God’s Great Creations.


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