The Pool is Now Closed


Pamela snuck by us this morning in her bathing suit looking to get in one last swim in the pool before it gets shuttered up for the season. Not being one to be left behind, I quickly suited up and we went for a polar bear plunge. Well, not really that bad. Maybe mid 60s. Felt pretty good to swim around and play in the cool pool.

A chilly dip

After we got out, we helped Pete vacuum, clean the solar blanket and prepare the pool for sitting out the winter. The water was drained about a foot or so, then a large plastic pillow was suspended in the center to encourage the ice to form in the center rather than at the sides to avoid blowing out the side panels. The next step was covering the entire pool with a large tarp and securing it to the sides. Didn’t take too long and the job was done and the pool and concessions area is now closed for the winter.

Professionals at Work
Closed for the Season

The rest of the day was spent watching football, doing small projects getting clothing repacked and reading our books. PJ’s sister, Kim, had sent me the complete Game of Thrones book set as a gift so lots of prose awaits my attention. A quiet Sunday with an afternoon thundershowers thrown in for good measure.



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