Coe Landing

A long day of driving. We took the little back roads that led through small rural hamlets peppered with Trump for President signs and a church on every corner, mostly Baptist, some holy roller types and the occasional Seventh Day Adventist congregation just to keep too many people from dancing. Little burgs with names like Green Cove Springs, Starke and Penny Farms. The rain came about an hour into it, sometimes hard and other times just a soft drizzle. We stopped a few times to let the dogs out and once to make a quick sandwich. We would choose small side roads and search out large open spaces to park.

Around 5:00 we pulled into Coe Landing County Park located on the west side of Tallahassee on Talquin Lake. PJ had found it online and it turned out to be a real gem. There are only about 20 spots and there are about a half dozen that sit directly on the lake. We lucked into the lakefront spot on the far end with a small elevated deck like area with a picnic table overlooking the water.

We got ourselves set up, fed the hounds then took a walk around. We are right next to the little boat dock, a rustic pier made of wooden planks with no railings to speak of. A few smaller boats were out fishing the swampy looking waters. Any aspirations I’d had of going for a swim quickly evaporated when I got down and saw the overgrown  vegetation along the banks of the lake. Perfect alligator habitat. Sorry, Koda but you’re staying on the leash.

The sinking sun was playing games backlighting the hanging moss on the trees surrounding the camp. We met the camp host, Rusty and his big Great Dane, Bogart. Cooked up some dinner and ate it while admiring the view out the RV window. A rowboat shot past with the boatman leaning hard into his oars and holding a fast pace with a perfect rhythm heading back to the boat launch area. The older couple from next door walked hand in hand down the wooden steps to watch the day fade away from the end of the dock.




Tired from a long day of driving and content to be in a peaceful spot for the night.

2 thoughts on “Coe Landing

  1. Hey Kimmy! I can’t believe you saw Kristie today! Hope you got to show her your little Paradise by the Sea!! So fun talking today! I love you tons! Give my nephews big Hugs! Mags too! Enjoy your company!


  2. We are in agreement with your assessment of the lake and Koda restrictions, the raised decks are probably to keep you clear of crawling gaters and or other critters. Site looks nice and peaceful tho and since you are both in shorts we presume that it must be relatively mosquito free. Love to you both. XOXO R&S


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