Coe Conspirators

The night’s slumber was interrupted by one of the dogs having issues and needing to go out for a 3:00 a.m. walk. Afterwards, sleep came difficultly and I lay listening to the sounds of the forest for a long while. Nevertheless, I was awake at the crack of dawn and walked out on the dock to watch the sunrise over the water.

Swamp shack next door

Meanwhile, what the rest of the crew was doing

I had a cup of tea, then took the dogs for a morning stroll down to the Coe Landing public boat ramp just outside the campground. I was in a totally mellow mood, partly from lack of sleep and more so from the serene energy of our lakeside oasis.

We busted out the maps and apps then proceeded to plan the next portion of our odyssey. We conspired to spend another night here then on to Grayton Beach State Park tomorrow for two days. We booked the last spot they had left. I figured it would be the out in the open bastard site butting up to the pit toilets, but when I researched it online, it looks like a pretty cool lakeside spot. We’ll see tomorrow.

After carbo loading on peanut butter sandwiches, we hiked up the road where we found an almost imperceptible little opening into the state forest on the west side of the street leading back to the highway. Koda finally got a chance to get her paws wet in the small creek at the bottom of the trail. It was a long hot outing. We walked about five miles in the midday sun, down the asphalt, through a dirt road and then into the woods. Pretty country, but next time we’ll be sure to bring the Off. The mosquitoes were a little thick down in the canyon.

The afternoon was composed of napping and reading while enjoying the water view from our camp chairs. Met the new neighbors, took the dogs on an evening walk then cooked up a veggie burger to eat out at the table in the twilight. Easy, slow moving day.

2 thoughts on “Coe Conspirators

  1. Hi mike and pj. Really enjoying your posts. Karen and I are in Europe at the moment enjoying some time away as well. Currently heading through the “chunnel” from Paris to London. Happy trails to you both. Peace and love, John Hamilton


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