Alabama Overcast

Yesterday started off nice and easy. We began the morning with some meditation and yoga outside among the trees. Then a leisurely breakfast at the picnic table. 

We were packed up and out by 1:00. Things kind of came unraveled after a stop at Walgreens. There was some argument about how we interact and things were quiet and tense for a while after. We drove through Pensacola and somewhere along the way passed into Alabama. No welcome sign or acknowledgement of any kind. The area looked like it had seen better days, so maybe I wouldn’t want to claim it either.

The sky grew increasingly overcast as we neared Gulf Shores. We booked a camp site right on the lake, but when we pulled up to it, there were straw like reeds lining the edge and a big don’t aggravate the alligators sign. We let the dogs out and they stepped onto the grassy area for a few minutes and came back limping with nasty little stickers in their paws. 
The mood was subdued as we read newspapers and had a small dinner. The time change and cold windy weather didn’t help any. Early to bed and looking forward to a new start on the morrow.

Tuesday, the rain started early and continued unabated all day. The dogs went out for a wet walk as we cruised along the lakeside searching for gators. No luck. Back inside where we holed up most of the day reading and lounging. Had a leak over the slide out near the front. I went outside and climbed the ladder to have a look. The RV was a little unlevel and water was pooling against the slide out seal and passing to the interior. I got my lego style leveling blocks out and lifted the passenger side slightly and got the water running away from the coach and that did the trick.

In the afternoon, there was a pause in the rain and we went for a long walk through the park and along an extensive boardwalk system they have that takes you over the bog. Between the boardwalks were narrow asphalt paths. We hiked about an hour or so then ended up over at the recreation area where we checked out the swimming pool and the docks. They have really nice facilities. Nature center, beach volleyball courts, tennis, basketball and horseshoes. Must be quite the family escape in the high season. Right now, it’s just a bunch of us gray hairs walking dogs around.

PJ cooked us some Boca burgers and corn and we relaxed inside as the rain began to fall anew. We read and checked online occasionally to see the latest election results. Despite the rain, it was an enjoyable day.

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