Into Mississippi

The rain abated as the morning arrived leaving gray skies and a sharp wind to greet us. It was a typical travel day, folding up our rolling circus, tending to the performing animals and loading the clowns on the bus. Something about our time in Alabama, and maybe last night’s election coverage, left me feeling hungover and in need of a shower. Gave the campground a final walking through and still no gator sightings. Goodbye, Alabama, guess 🎶southern man don’t need me around, anyhow🎶. 

Gulf Shores getting into the spirit a bit early

Stars fell on Alabama

Lots of driving. First north through Gulf Shores, then west on hwy 10. We stopped 3 times to give the dogs and ourselves little breaks. The GPS took us down a couple of narrow residential streets that didn’t go through, but in the end we found Buccaneer State Park in Mississippi. About 200 campsites and about 20 campers, just the way we like it. Lots of elbow room. We settled on a spot near the pool which unfortunately is closed for the season.

We got set up and I sat out on the picnic bench and phoned my friend Chuck in Texas. Great to catch up and we’ll be visiting in a few days. Fed the dogs outside and the mosquitoes started stirring as the sun was going down. We hung the Skeeter Beaters on the front windows and moved inside where we cooked up some rice-a-roni and ate it with the smoked salmon that Laura had packed us off with when we left South Carolina. Amazingly good stuff. Resting up and tomorrow we’ll explore around the gulf beaches here.

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