Port Aransas

The Texas wind was howling when we woke up this morning. The sound of grackles hopping around on the roof accompanied me as I got up to make a cup of tea. It was cold to go along with windy this morning, so we got back under the covers and huddled together to keep warm.

Took the dogs for a walk out on the beach. The wind was blowing low swirling clouds of sand along the hard packed beach. The dogs were being buffeted making Cali’s ears stand up and Koda’s tail was waving in the breeze.

We were packed up and out of the sticker patch by 11:00. Made our way through Freeport and stopped at our first Buc-ees where I gassed up while PJ perused the chotskes inside.

Long tiring day driving in the wind. Expansive flat stretches of grassland punctuated every so often by an oil refinery or some kind of industrial plant. Big straight aways allowed those in a hurry to make daring passes and continue on their way. Narrow bridges took us over sparkling waterways with fishermen wading in the shallows or working the sand bars in boats. We passed through resort towns and working class hamlets. We made a shopping stop at a H E B in Port Lavaca to pick up a couple of items we had forgotten the other day.

Stephen Austin, the father of Texas

We didn’t realize that we had to take yet another ferry to cross over to Port Aransas. There was a 1/2 hour wait in a long queue of cars to get on one of the three small boats they had running today.

The sun was low in the sky when we arrived at the Port A campground. The spot we reserved had a bunch of stickers in the grass, so we got them to switch us to a nicer site a few doors down. Got set up as the sun went down. We had a little dinner then had a walk around the park. The night’s are getting cold, low- fifties. Relaxed inside tired from a day of hard traveling.

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