Beach Day

In the morning, I took the dogs out for a long walk on the beach. The entire shoreline was empty so they were able to run free and play. We walked about a mile then saw some fisherman parked on the beach up ahead so we turned around so the dogs wouldn’t pester them.

I put the dogs away, then broke out the surfboard and paddled around in the wind chop. Can’t really say I caught any waves. The current had me about half way to Louisiana by the time I cleared the never ending wind swells. It was good exercise and I walked back up the beach feeling better than before paddling out.

We decided to just stay put for another day to rest up and plan our border crossing on Weds. Basically, we were just too lethargic to get everything stowed and organized by check out time. I served us bowls of Raisin Bran with blueberries and bananas and we ate them out at the picnic table. 

It was still overcast so we sat inside researching things online. The campground internet is spotty, so we are using the iPhone hotspot instead. I’d say maybe 25% of the campgrounds that claim to have internet actually have a connection you can use. So, if you’re passing through Surfside, Tx give the Beachfront RV park a pass – waffly, slow internet and bushels of stickers in any grassy area that you walk. 

We diddled around reading the paper and booking our camp in Port Aransas for the weekend, then had a little lunch. After eating, I took the dogs back to the beach and we all got in a little swim. Well, Koda got in up to mid chest and Cali got spooked when the water hit her knees but we all got wet and had fun playing on the beach. Koda gets extra playful after going in the water and does the ‘chase me’ hopping around thing to Cali. 

Let me Out!

Later in the afternoon, we all went down to the beach and I paddled out again with similar results to the morning session. After hiking back up from where I got washed down to, we sat on the sand talking until the incoming thunderstorm sent us heading for the RV. The wind kicked up and we had a bit of thunder and some distant lightning but it was over as quick as it came. Laid back day. Finished off some leftover Thai food and the rest of Sharissa’s famous artichoke and spinach dip. 

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