The Mundane Life

Started the day off with a walk along the beach. The skies were overcast and an unfavorable breeze was chopping up the surface of the bay. The fishermen were unperturbed and loaded up their nets and headed out to sea. Carlos was walking Mutso along the beach with his wife, so we stopped a while to chat. Their eco-lodge is closed down for the season and they are enjoying the down time. They inherited Mutso from the older couple who have lived for many years at the compound next door. Getting into their nineties, they are finally packing it in and returning to the states.

I showered up and rode my bike over to Estetica Janett to get my unruly locks whipped into shape. Janett was busy working the color into some ladies hair, then she left her to marinate while she gave me a quick haircut. Sixty pesos, a little over three bucks. 

Rode on over to Bernal’s and got most of my groceries. Loaded up the pannier then pedaled on over to the mini-super by the plaza for a few items they didn’t have at the other shop. After that a short visit to the vegetable stand then off to home for some lunch.

Spent most of the afternoon plucking at my guitar and sitting on the balcony reading my book. A family has set up a tent over by the stage area and they are all out picnicking on the beach. The clouds have stuck around all day keeping things cool and allowing me to feel okay about just hanging around. In the evening, I took the dogs for an hour long trek through the dusty back streets then up the paved part of the road to Playa Venado. 

Always lots of untended dogs to navigate. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get until the dogs actually interface. It’s not that I’m against the type of dog socializing that urban folks seem so fond of at their dog parks, I just like to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness. Had to threaten a nasty pit bull with a rock today after Koda dared to talk back to her.  Cali finally did her business, so we headed for home. That’s why we were out for so long. Something spooked her early in the walk and she was unable to focus on the task at hand. “You can’t go home until your work is done.” Sorry, but a rule’s a rule.

Quiet night at home. Managed to find a basketball game on the television and watched that. They kicked my dad loose at the hospital already. A new knee inserted yesterday and get him out of the bed for the next guy today. Pretty amazing. The therapist had him strolling around the halls this morning. Now he’s resting easy at home. Best to you Pop, heal quickly.

Nice dress!

2 thoughts on “The Mundane Life

  1. You are such a good Doggy Dad! Grateful. btw you make mundane look very attractive. Miss you Love


  2. sandy says that blue is my color, dress or no dress. Shannon is on his way over to collect the loot for the next delivery south of the border. Hope this delivers better than last time. XOXO R&S


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