Staying Close to Home

Quiet times around El Pequeno Paraiso. I’ve been starting my days with long walks exploring different neighborhoods. As I was wandering around a dirty back street, I saw an older guy coming towards me on a bicycle carrying a big stick. I jokingly asked him if it was to ward off the stray dogs in the barrio. He stopped and showed me his digging tool made from a stout branch with a hoe like tip. Gilberto is searching for minimally disturbed brush areas to hunt for an endemic plant that is purported to cure a cough. Being curious about local remedies, I tagged along and we grubbed around a couple of pasture areas with no luck, then he took off for the other side of the highway to continue his hunt and I steered the hounds back towards town. 

We returned to the beach and I sat out on the sand watching the water as Koda rooted around for dead things and Cali stood with her agoraphobic nose at the gate staring towards the sanctuary of our casa. 

Domestic day in the tower – breakfast, laundry, draining my kiddie pool. In the afternoon, I went down to the beach and sat in the shade then did a long swim to the north turning around in the middle of the bay and swimming back. No visibility and lots of chop. Relaxed and read until the sun cleared the palm tree then went back up. Spent a lot of time on the deck finishing up ‘The Girl on the Train’. Interesting book, kind of intense. Bruno came by to show off his home hair styling.

Later in the evening, walked the dogs into town to see what the Wednesday happenings were in the plaza.  Passing by El Caracol, lilies are coming onto bloom in the little ponds out front. The band in the center was just kicking off a set when we arrived, so I stayed for a few songs. The crowd was small and not too enthusiastic. Two older women were dancing but no one else was looking to join in. The singer came down off the stage to sing with the audience hoping to get them worked up. Gone are the glory days of the high season when the zocalo was packed. Cali wasn’t digging the drums so we took some back streets home. Lots of people out. Kids playing ball in a newly mowed field and farmers tending to their livestock. 

Back at the house, I had a long conversation with PJ. She and her dad got a load of mulch today and spruced up Pete’s famous green lawn. Looking good. Still looks a little on the cold side up in Rhode Island, but spring has sprung and the trees are all leafing out and the flowers are blooming. Much love to all you east coasters.

3 thoughts on “Staying Close to Home

  1. Pictures are incredible. Koda looks like a wolf. Bruno looks like a Lion! Too bad they can’t give some of their courage to Cali! Love from the Northeast!


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