Nursing the Migraine

Moved slowly this morning, overlooking the point from the balcony while leisurely eating my breakfast. Hooked up the canines and went for an hour meandering out to the Oxxo and around the barrio. Watched a horse picking mangos and chowing down. Came home and phoned PJ back in Rhode Island to see how Pete’s doing. He is coming around a bit. They have removed the mask and he is breathing better. We talked for a while then throughout the day I received a series of texts with pictures of them visiting in the hospital.

Cali got pollinated

I started to read my book, but my vision went funny and I realized I was getting a migraine. I laid down and rode it out then took it easy the rest of the day. Turned on the AC and hid inside until the evening then ventured out for another stroll through Lo de Marcos. It was completely dark when we got home. I took the dogs out to the empty beach and let them run free. Quiet night watching the tube.

One thought on “Nursing the Migraine

  1. Sorry about you migraine. Glad it went away. Like the pics of the Happy Horse and Cute Cali. Thanks for all the prayers for our Pete. He is feeling a bit better today especially since they let him come home tonight. Sleeping Soundly. Hope you do too. OOOXXXXX


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