Back with the Family

We were up with the sun. A beautiful hour to be out in the desert. Folded up camp and got on the road by 7:30. Another long day driving. Picked up a snack in El Centro and kept on going. Our only short break was a rest stop for the girls. Taking advantage of the desert’s energy, the power companies have set up large banks of solar panels and fields full of wind turbines. 

Solar farm near California border

Lexi acquitted herself admirably on the climb up into the Laguna Mountains. The temp stayed steady until about six miles into the 4000 foot climb when it started rising to about 220. I turned on the heater and when the extra two gallons of water in the heater core was freed up, the temperature quickly dropped back down to 190. Finally crested the peak and was descending into San Diego when the check engine light lit up. I called Red and he said as long as it’s running good and all the vitals are looking o.k. to just drive it over to his shop and he’d check the codes. Traffic was a bit tight on the 15 heading towards Escondido. I got to the shop and greeting Red and his wife Noemi. Business is booming. Tons of cars getting worked on. We connected the scanner and the code came back as an evap problem, nothing to worry about. Reset the light and hit the road to my Dad’s.

Unloaded some gear and relaxed with Dad and Dawn. We had some lunch and caught up on how they are doing. They both look great. Three weeks after surgery and Dad is walking better than he has in years. The new knee is doing fantastic. Big zipper up the outside knee. Sandy came home and we were all chatting when my brother in law Lee stopped in on his way home from work to say hello. 

I ran over to PetCo looking for new beds for the dogs but didn’t find anything I liked. Wrong sizes and wrong price. $55.00 for a dog bed? There is a Marshall’s across the lot, so I thought I’d give them a look. Nice beds that fill the bill for $14.99. Stoked. Successful mission. Relaxed evening talking and eating an awesome home cooked meal. Early to bed after a long trip home.

New beds!

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