Green Lakes

I had scouted out a camp site up on Amish country above Syracuse. Duck Lake Campground. PJ called a few times and finally connected with a guy who said he was out in the field but he was sure they would have something, go online and contact his wife by e-mail. So she did. We set the GPS and a few hours later, we took a long winding detour off of our route through some beautiful farmland and rolling hills.

After a half an hour or so we arrived at Duck Lake. I saw an older gentleman fixing up his weed wacker so I asked him what was up. He didn’t work there. He was just a seasonal guy tidying up his own little area. There were no representatives of Duck Lake Campground on site. The gentleman said they usually show up on the weekends. There were obviously many open RV spots and several empty cabins. I called the number and got a gruff sounding man who immediately said that they didn’t have any space. It was clear that he just couldn’t be bothered to tend to his own business and rather than take a few minutes to set something up, he’d rather leave you hanging and lose the revenue. 

The business model appears to be to get seasonal campers and leave them to their own devices coming out once and a while to check up on things. What I don’t understand is why they put so much effort into creating a beautiful website that promises a full service camping establishment, “like the Adirondacks without the drive!”. If you are interested in tightly packed grass only sites and pre-fab cabins sitting one on top of the next, a dilapidated boat ramp that charges $25.00 to launch your boat and no service or attention to your needs, then Douche Lake Campgrounds is the spot for you.

We at least got a nice country drive for our efforts. We had fun driving down Spook Woods Road. After our creepy stop at Duck Lake, we half expected to break down and end up in one of the Rocky Horror looking houses along the sparsely populated road. But, we were soon back on I-90 and headed east. We made our way to Green Lakes State Park, a beautiful modern campground on two unusual deep water lakes that are so clear that other colors besides Green and blue are absorbed by the water and the lake appears an otherworldly blue-green hue. Tired and irritable, I got us set up and laid down for a rest.

In the evening, we took a hike around the lakes and had a look around. Nice forested area with beautiful pristine lakes. The air in the campground is filled with the cries of hawks tending to their fledglings in nests above the campsites. A good spot for a break.

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