On the Road Again

It’s been a busy few days getting everything together to get back on the road. Lots of running around tying up loose ends. I did a few RV maintenance projects – replacing the set screws on the pressure monitor locks, adding more Dicor sealant to the new ceiling vent, recaulking the shower and cleaning up the solar panels. I groveled around under the rig making sure everything was tight and where it is supposed to be. Tuesday, we went out to lunch at a cool place called the tree house with some of our favorite Rhode Islanders. Good food and great company. Look forward to meeting up again in the spring.

Today, we attended our home group for the last time before hitting the road. Lots of hugs and handshakes as we made our way out to the parking lot and onto the road south. There was road construction and the traffic was heavy passing through Connecticut. We made two pit stops to let Cali get out for a few minutes and to use the facilities. Hours later, we were crossing the state line into New York and the minefield of potholes and bridge expansion joints that had Wilson bucking and banging. We made the exit for White Plains and were soon crossing the Tappan Zee bridge to the Jersey side of the Hudson.

Slow going with lots of traffic and a hard sun glaring through the spotted windshield as it sank behind brown trees along highway 80. It was dark when we reached our campground and we were definitely ready to stop. Netcong, NJ who ever heard of such a place? Not a 5 star resort but it was good to be parked up and having some dinner. We took Cali out and investigated the neighborhood before closing ourselves up to get some rest.

6 thoughts on “On the Road Again

    1. Hi Rosie, not CA for awhile. Down towards Florida for the winter then back to check on ma in the spring. But we never really know what’s coming up next. Plans seem to always be open to change. Hello to Will


  1. I don’t do the texting thing, but will follow you on my desk top. Have a safe trip and look forward to seeing more pics. Love you both. Meema


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