It rained pretty steady through the early morning hours. The wind was strong and howling loudly behind the window. The fall colors on the trees had peaked about a week or so ago and the blowing breeze was quickly removing the leaves remaining on the large trees in the backyard. It was raining leaves and a beautiful yellow carpet of leaves completely blanketed the lawn. Cali went out to marvel at the changing look of the yard.

It was a quiet day. I was 100% lazy and idled away most of the afternoon. PJ kept herself busy doing paperwork and doing a couple of loads of laundry. Carole had received a care package yesterday of her favorite seaweed snacks from PJ’s sister, Kim and she was anchored in her chair happily munching on the dehydrated algae as she binge watched reruns of Law & Order.

The clocks get set back tonight and I’m not looking forward to the 4:30 pm sunsets, but it just the way things go. Winter is coming.

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