Sitting Out the Rain in Chincoteague

The temperature was just approaching 40 at eight o’clock when PJ decided to join Cali and me on a stroll down to the beach. We walked out the bike path at the back of the campsite and continued on past the Biden center looking for beach access near the far jetty. The gate was closed when we got there so we backtracked and walked out at the beach entry we used yesterday. PJ let Cali off leash and she seemed to be enjoying sniffing around. But I noticed that sidelong glimmer in her eye and knew she was getting ready to bolt. I said so to PJ, but she said she was just looking for a spot to do her business. But no, she made the turn and took off across the sand back towards camp with PJ hot on her heels. The chase soon ran out of my sight but I came upon them out by the bicycle air stations and it was clear exploration was over for the day. Sometimes Cali just gets a little mental and runs for a safe hiding place. Dogmentia.

Uh oh, she’s got that look!

Hey, come back here!

When we got back to camp, a crew of convicts was helping the light show guys assemble their big displays throughout the camp. They were riding around on a trailer hauling stuff around in their lime green jump suits. The figures won’t be lit until next week and we don’t have the desire to hang out until then. Too bad, it looks like it will be pretty spectacular. The grey water tank had plenty of room, so we went ahead and showered up then broke camp and headed down the road.

We gassed up in Lewes and I did my best to get the RV close enough to their awkwardly placed propane filling station but couldn’t quite get close enough. I gave up and we pulled out on highway 1 heading south into Maryland. Just past Ocean City we found a service station with propane and filled up. We made sandwiches and sat in their lot and had a quick lunch before continuing on into Virginia along a a series of back roads. Lots of depressed little burgs with old trailer homes and abandoned houses. The speed limit would drop to thirty as we passed through the small one horse towns adding to the length of the drive, but no problem for us as we’re in no great hurry to get anywhere.

This is where we sat out hurricane Matthew in 2016

Around 3:30, we crossed over the bridge into Chincoteague, a small tourist city at the edge of the island reserve famous for its wild ponies. We’d visited the Maryland side of the island at Assateague back in 2016 just after hurricane Matthew. There were lots of horses but the campground was heavily flooded at that time. Since a big rain is coming tonight and we wanted something new, we opted to approach from Virginia this time around. We pulled into Tom’s Cove campground but the entrance area looked a little beat and filled with full time trailer residents. We decided to give the KOA on the other side of town a quick look and drove on over there. They had closed up shop for the winter so we retreated back to Tom’s. Once we drove in past the long termers, the area along the water was actually pretty cool. There are maybe eight other campers spread around the grounds. We picked a spot on the water facing the island and just as we started setting up the rain began to fall. Within minutes it started pouring and hasn’t let up yet. It’s supposed to go hard all night and into tomorrow.

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