Fort Macon

I was roused from my slumber by the sound of the three barking shepherds at the camp down the side. I’m thankful that the Thanksgiving holiday crowd will be clearing out today. PJ took Cali and went for her contemplative walk down through the neighborhood of colorful beach houses around the corner from the campground. I brewed up a mug of tea then stepped out onto the sand out front to see what this bright, sunny morning had to offer. A brisk offshore breeze was grooming the small waves moving from left to right across the coast. Two surfers were trying gamely to catch one of the very occasional set waves that would pass through without much luck. The weakness of the swell combined with the blowing wind made the waves deceptively hard to catch. The majority of our new found friends were busy dumping their poo and packing up their gear. Please don’t forget the dogs.

While Jimmy Bob was rolling up his Trump 2020 flag and putting the corn hole boards into the truck, we decided to take a drive down to Fort Macon to visit the old fort on the point overlooking Beaufort across the sound. Traffic was light and it was an easy 20 minute drive to the end the barrier island. We spent much of it in serious conversation around what our future might look like. The fort has a well designed visitor center and we spent some time taking in the exhibits and watching a short movie on the fort’s history. It was set up to protect Beaufort in the early 1800s but saw little use until the Confederate army seized it at the beginning of the Civil War. The Union wrestled it back and held it until the war’s end. After that it fell back into disrepair and the state now operates it as a public park.

PJ, come out of your shell!

We walked out into the warm sunshine and explored the fort. We walked the ramparts checking out the cannons and looking over the sound at Beaufort across the water. Down in the fort proper there were store rooms, mess hall and barracks. Many of the rooms were closed for renovations and improvements. PJ was peeking in the windows trying to figure out what was in the closed off rooms. It was getting into the afternoon and we were starting to feel a little hungry so we left the fort and swung by the Publix for a grocery shop. Back to the RV and a late lunch. The campground is nearly empty. Nice and quiet with no one near our spot. Sweet.

See Ya

PJ talked to her mom and sister, Kim then we walked on down to the beach to catch the sunset. Fishing is the name of the game on the beach tonight. Some local anglers got their truck buried to the axles in the sand. They were struggling for a while until another truck full of fisherman came along and towed them free. Playful dolphins were splashing just outside the surf line while pelicans surfed the airwaves above the swells. Another beautiful sunset lit the sky down to the right end of the beach. A tranquil night at Emerald Isle.

Campground this morning. The big trailers on the far sides are permanent and mostly unoccupied.

Campground this afternoon when we got back. About ten of us left. Nice

8 thoughts on “Fort Macon

  1. God, I love the beautiful pics you take and your little stories are so awe inspiring and humorous. It looks like you had another great day, weather wise. Right now I’m showing one of my character defects. I’m envious of all the majestic beauty you are experiencing. :(Still love you all. Meema


  2. Just beautiful pics! Great history lessons you are giving us TOO. Hope Mom and Kim are well. We missed you both and Cali at the festivities on Thursday. Most of the MacDougall guests headed home on Saturday (Friday 4 to Ashland Oregon [13 hour trip], Saturday 2 to Clear Lake [12 hour trip] and 3 to Boulder Creek [12 hour trip]). the rest were So Cal people. The grapevine had big accident, 5 hghwy down to 2 lanes, construction traffic, and usual craziness, but everyone got home safe.Miss you and love you!


    1. Glad everyone had a great time and got home okay. You really had a house full! Missed being with you all or is that y’all?


  3. Hi guys, interesting history lessons and love the pics! We’re you a professional photographer in another life, Mike?? Also a writer?? Come out of your shell on beautiful one!!! We miss you!!
    Love, Karen


  4. Michael & Pam,
    I believe it was the day before Thanksgiving I emailed you both asking for your cell number so that we could keep in touch and ask your plans in NC.

    No response : – <



    1. Tom sorry . Pam replied to the message or thought she did. Obviously it didn’t go through. We’ll get in touch by email


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