Under Cloudy Skies

It was raining again this morning. Not a gully washer like last Saturday’s, just light off and on precipitation. We resigned ourselves to another laid back day around camp. A few more campers left getting it down to seven rigs remaining in the park. We got motivated and drove into Morehead City where we attended a beginners meeting at a local health center. A good meeting with maybe twenty or so people. It was good to get out and drive around.

When we got back near the campground, I spotted the shrimp burger food truck out in front of the entrance. I’ve had my eye on it since we got here. PJ pulled into the lot and we ordered up shrimp sandwiches and fries. The old salt manning the trailer was amused by our tourist ways and they quickly put together our lunch. The sandwiches were so loaded with shrimp that they just poured out over the plate when we unwrapped them. Tasty indeed.

The skies cleared mid afternoon and we went for a long walk out on the hard packed sand. Very few people around on this cloudy Monday. Temperatures were mild and it felt good to be out walking off our lunch. A quiet evening making a few phone calls and filling in my travel expense app. Feeling a little melancholy for some reason. We’ll get a good night’s rest and see how things look tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Under Cloudy Skies

  1. Ooooh…that was a shrimp po boy! The best one I ever had was at Bubba Gump’s in Charleston, SC. We have had them at Top of the Bay, but it’s only a sometime summer menu item. I thought of the Footprints prayer when I saw the last picture. Nice. Good to hear about the meetings you get to. Where are you off to next? I’m gearing up for my 2 years on Thursday – Yeah! Love, Meema


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