Muddy Myrtle

We debated back and forth about whether to stay another day or beat feet down to our next stop in Myrtle Beach. A big rainstorm is on the schedule for the afternoon, so hanging out would just be an indoor wet kind of day. All of the church kids and the happy family campers around us all packed it in leaving us with just the homeless couple across the road and the deliverance roofers a few sites down. That helped clinched the decision to drive. The dump station is closed with half of a broken tree hanging over the drain like a guillotine waiting to pile drive your RV into the pavement. We opted to haul our poo with us down to South Carolina.

Been dangling since Hurricane Florence. Maybe cut it down?

We rolled out through Kure Beach to the ferry terminal at Fort Fisher where we joined the queue waiting for the 12:15 boat to take us over to Southport. They loaded us up right on time and as we were sailing across the channel the rain began to fall, softly at first then picking up momentum as we disembarked on the far shore. As you all know I love taking ferries. The kid like excitement about putting a car on a boat then taking it somewhere else. Too bad they don’t have a ferry that runs all the way down to Myrtle Beach.

Wilson waiting to come aboard

The rain really let loose for the next hour and a half of our drive. Lots of water on the road and great opportunities to hydroplane if you’re not paying heed to the conditions. I picked a truck that was going at a fair pace to help lead me out and followed in his wake. I could see when he’d hit a bump or splash through a deeper puddle then I would be better able to avoid it or prepare myself. Despite the inclement weather, we made good time and pulled into a soggy Myrtle Beach State Park around 3:30 in the afternoon. We drove around the loops a few times trying to select the most promising site we could find. In their waterlogged and muddy state, none of them were really wowing us. We settled on #333 and went back to the office and signed on for a couple of days. Set things up in the steady downpour and hid ourselves inside the rest of the night eating spinach salads and catching up on the evening news.

Jesus says “head for Myrtle Beach”

2 thoughts on “Muddy Myrtle

  1. I love it! When we had our condo in Myrtle, our favorite beach was the state park. The pier always had to be walked on with an ice cream cone in hand and I would either be in the ocean or people watching from my beach chair. Our place was off 501 right on the Intracoastal Waterway. Ahh,memories! Love you guys. Meema


  2. Hi guys, love the comment about deliverance guys! I think I went to Myrtle Beach, I just can’t remember anything!!! You guys be careful driving in that awful rain ( I know you are a good driver, Mike ) Enjoy your stay! Love, Karen


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