Keeping Dry in Myrtle Beach

Another day of deluge for us as we snuggled up in our covers waiting for Cali to stir enough to encourage us to take her out for her morning walk. A regular rhythmic patter continuously sounded on the rooftop. After a quiet morning indoors, we drove into Surfside to check out the High Noon meeting. We got a good fix of fellowship and meeting new people before continuing on down the road into Murrells Inlet to get in a workout at the local Planet Fitness. This franchise was in a mall that had lost its anchor stores but was still trying to hold its head up and maintain a brave face. It was actually one of the nicer Planet Fitnesses we’ve visited. After all the ones we’ve seen, we should start a review webpage.

Being together 24/7 sometimes takes it toll on us and being rained in adds an additional x-factor. This afternoon was one of those moments as we were leaving the gym. We pulled over at a small beach parking area in Surfside Beach and managed to rise above our differences. We talked things out then wandered around the sand under ominous clouds for a short way before returning to camp and tending to the dog. A subdued campground with everyone still trying to dry out before the next round of rain coming in later tonight. I cooked up a veggie stir fry and made some musubis to go along with. Hot tea and football games rounded out the night.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Dry in Myrtle Beach

  1. I had no idea what musubis were so I googled and damn if that didn’t look good! Spam was a staple when we camped with the kids so I might give it a try. You have really had horrible weather on this trek, and I feel so badly that you can’t enjoy the beautiful towns south of Myrtle Beach. Have they developed the Air Force Base yet? We used to sit on the beach and watch the huge planes practice their take offs and landings over the ocean. It was really cool. It was great to hear your voice, P.J. Love you a bunch. Meema


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