Cycling through the Trees

The skies were gray all day but on the positive side the cloud cover kept the temperature on the warm side. The high was just shy of seventy and it was a pleasant day to get out and get some exercise. We unhitched the bikes and set off to explore what the park had to offer. We rode down the boulevard of trees over to the Atlantic side of the island. There is a second campground there on the beach. It does have the ocean but it is lacking in trees. We are thinking we got the better deal camping over by the river.

We were determined to find one of the rumored shark teeth that are supposed to line the waterline on Amelia Island. We gave it a good search but still came up empty. No worry. We got in a great walk along the beach and we came upon the fort from the other side of the park. It’s still amazing that every time out we are pretty much the only people out and about.

On the ride back, we cut into the woods on one of the many mountain bike trails that criss cross the park. We zipped along occasionally slipping a bit on a patch of soft sand and getting up speed on the downhills to make it the far side of the dips. Startled a few deer as we rounded one bend and after a while we emerged from the trees back at camp.

PJ continued her craft project while I loafed around with Cali. As evening approached we set out on our now customary stroll down the beach towards the fort. Some light rain began to fall but we ignored it and continued our meandering walk. No sunset tonight. Some late boats were returning to port against the backlight of the industrial complex across the river. It was dark when we climbed back into the RV. Lots of the neighbors packed it in today so the park is pretty quiet.

2 thoughts on “Cycling through the Trees

  1. Phew -I’m pooped from cycling along that road with you guys! PJ, I love your beautiful eyes. You seem to enjoy the solitude in the camp but you find so many ways to keep active. I think it’s really cool. We miss you at KIS but are looking forward to seeing one of you soon. Love, Meema


  2. Yes, I’m tired just watching you bike and all the walking and hiking you both do. If I did that I would be skinny!!! See you soon! Love, K


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