On the move again. The rain had already begun as we were breaking down camp. It wasn’t supposed to arrive until early afternoon but here it was. Wiped off the muddy hose and rolled it up then cleaned off the power cord as I pulled it up through its little port hole into the compartment. By 11:00, we were checked out and saying farewell to the lovely little campground at Fort Clinch. Definitely one of the better stays in our travels.

I went to U-Haul to to top off the propane but the kid there said he couldn’t do it in the rain. That was a new one on me, but maybe there’s some reason. Anyway, we have enough for several days so we just continued on south down the islands. We took A1A along the coast through Big and Little Talbot Islands then over to the ferry that took us across the sound to Mayport.

Rain had been pouring steadily all of the way, occasionally diminishing visibility. We got to Kathryn Abbey Hanna a little after noon and set up our soggy site in the downpour. We settled in and had a bite of lunch. When we detected a break in the rain, we leashed up Cali and walked through the woods over to the beach on the Atlantic shore. Small waves pushed relentlessly onto the sand and shore birds ruled the empty beach. An osprey was perched on the top of a pole feasting on a still kicking fish. This area looks like it is going to be pretty cool when it dries out.

We hiked back into the campground and over past our camp to have a peek at the lake that sits behind our site. They had warnings for gators, but we didn’t see any lurking along the banks. The rain was picking up in tempo so we kicked up the tempo of our walk and fled back to relative dryness of the RV. All through the evening and into the night a steady moderate rain continued unabated. The weather guy on News Jax stressed that it wasn’t how hard it was raining but how consistently. They are expecting six inches by the time this finishes up tomorrow afternoon. House bound travelers!

3 thoughts on “Drenched

  1. Oh,yuk, drenched is right! I’m not only following you in my atlas but on my google map which names all of the camps and ferries too. You’re right, Mike. You just have to hunker down and stay dry for a bit. Hope you get your propane filled and watch out for the gators!! Love, Meema


  2. I don’t claim to be any kind of expert on gators , but I believe I heard that they can and do hide from the rain by staying under the water. May not be dry, but at least it should be quieter. Not being able to fill your propane in the rain does kinda raise some suspicions. although out here in the desert it’s never been a problem that I’ve heard of. Stay dry as you can. XOXOXOXO R@S


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