Hiding From the Wind

The wind had been blowing all night but really started to escalate in the early morning. Not out of the woods yet, literally. The weather forecast predicted strong gusts peaking around midday. After seeing some of my neighbors misfortunes yesterday, I decided not to risk any foliage fallout and go make a day camp at the oversized parking area at the beach. I disconnected the RV then drove over to the bait and tackle store to fill up on propane. Then Cali and I returned to Hanna Park and got ourselves set up by boardwalk #11.

The wind was howling moving sand in waves across the asphalt. We took a walk on the beach but I don’t think Cali appreciated the sandblasting she was getting down at ground level. We hung around inside booking a few more campsites down the road and setting me up for a trip back to California at the end of January. Talked to PJ and got filled in on the details of her visit home.

Took a nice nap, read a little and worked on a few little projects. Every so often, we’d take a walk around. Late in the day, I left Cali inside and embarked on a serious quest to find one of the legendary shark teeth rumored to lurk along the surf line. The temperatures dropped precipitously as evening approached. Despite my best efforts, any great white dentures out there still lie where they are hidden.

Moved back into the forest at sundown and hooked everything back up. Being Friday afternoon, the population of the campground swelled a bit while I was lounging at the beach. There are a few new trailers to the left and an older couple in one of those cutesy little teardrop trailers directly across. A large family with multiple tents are partying it up a few spots down but mostly things are pretty mellow. The wind is easing but we are due for some cold temps over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Hiding From the Wind

  1. Seems like the day move was a good idea. Kept your solar panels safe from falling branches and other debris.
    We were excited to read about the California trip in late Jan. Then realized the annual for your hip is coming up! Dad’s on the priority list for his knee 2 annual in Jan.


  2. I hate when the wind blows beach sand. It gets in my mouth, ears, hair and it seems to stay for days. Were those egrets or herons in the foliage in one of your pics? We went to a small zoo in the Myrtle Beach area and there was a sanctuary where one of those two birds lived and the trees and brush were packed with them. It was cool to see. Hope you have calmer weather. Love, Meema


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