Good Housekeeping

It was a domestic day here at Hanna Park today. When Cali and I did our morning rounds, we checked the laundry room and neither of the machines were being used so we trotted home and grabbed our big laundry bag and went back to take care of business.

When the clothes moved into the dryer, I drove over to the beach and walked along the shore for a while. The day warmed up nicely and a moderate onshore breeze added a little bump to the tiny waves. There are always giant ships going back and forth just offshore. My timer was counting down so it was back to fold up the clean clothes.

The campground had cleared out quite a bit with people heading home for Christmas Day. It was nice and private to sit outside and strum the guitar in the sun, so Cali and I did that for a while. Then it was time to clean house. I pulled out all of the rugs and gave them a good beating before swiffering up the floor and putting them back in.

Hey Pea, Thanks for the killer beanie and hoodie you got me for Xmas. I love them 😍

With the house clean and the clothes stowed or drying on hangers, it was time for an evening ride back over to the beach to have a wander around to see about finding a stray shark tooth. Although that didn’t happen, I did get to see an amazing sunset back over the trees in the direction of camp.

Made some Christmas phone calls back to California and Rhode Island. Had a long chat with my bro Shannon and got caught up on the Oceanside happenings. Had the Christmas Eve call with PJ. She and Carole went to the Christmas service at Pilgrim Lutheran, the church she next to her parents’ home that she’s attended since she was a tot. Cooked myself a Christmas omelet with a salad and gallo pinto and ate it while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on my limited TV options. My dad called and it turns out he is spending his Christmas Eve in the emergency department at Palomar Hospital. His heart rate dropped to a level that gave his Dr. some concern so they’re checking out his ticker. They suspect some of the meds he takes. He sounded good when we were talking, watching football and having his hospital food served up. Get well and much love. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Christmas Dinner

One thought on “Good Housekeeping

  1. Hey, Mike do you do windows? You’re quite the handy guy and your dinner looked wonderful. Hope your dad is OK. Karen and I went to Christmas Eve Mass at St. Kevin’s last night. Beautiful choir, decorations and prayers. Have a happy day. Love, Meema


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