Mellow Christmas at Hanna Park

Merry Christmas and much love to all of our family and friends. It was a slow moving morning around camp. Finally got motivated and went to the noon Beaches Unity meeting. There must have been sixty people in the room. Lots of talk about family and holidays. They had a little potluck afterwards and I sat with a couple of guys and ate a bit e of pasta and a piece of ham. Every time I drive to Jax Beach, I pass a sign for the Dutton Island Preserve so on the way home I decided to take the road and pay it a visit.

The preserve is on the intracoastal waterway with lots of marsh grass and swampy trails. A few stray locals were around walking or riding bikes. A family pulled up to the kayak launching area and paddled off on kayaks and SUPs. The girls to paddle around the stand ups and the boys to fish out of their kayak. There are some nice trails and I got in a decent hike. I’m still enthralled by the Spanish moss hanging on the oaks. I killed a couple of hours then headed home to walk around with Cali.

For my afternoon outing, I rode the bike up to the poles and walked along the beach. It was super low tide with little pools forming in the low spots. Quiet at the beach, just a few folks out walking around. It turned into a pretty nice day, sunny and mid sixties. Some new campers parked up a few sites down but it is still pretty tranquil on row H. While I was eating dinner, an ambulance came to one of the large trailers closer to the main road. Not sure what happened but hope everyone’s alright. Lazy day in northeast Florida.

5 thoughts on “Mellow Christmas at Hanna Park

  1. Four more days and your sweetie will be home. We’ll miss her at KIS. I don’t want to sound like Scrooge, but I was glad to be alone after the kids and grandkids left. I love them with all my heart but I’ve been doing too much and the hips and knees were screaming with pain tonight. I slathered my body with odorless muscle relaxer and crashed into bed with a book. Stay well. Love, Meema


  2. Happy that you were with a bunch of friends on Christmas day! We had a small meeting and when I got home just took it easy all day. Worn out from family parties! I was so happy to get back to my meeting though! Soon PJ will be with you. I really miss you Mike. Take care of yourself! Love, Karen


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