PJ is back!l

She’s baaaack!! PJ flew back into Jacksonville this afternoon. It was a whirlwind day. I beat the other campers to the laundry and dropped in our sheets then went back and started packing up site 120. It was a decent spot with the exception of the giant mud pit that formed right out front after every rain. Finished the laundry, installed the sheets then made a run over to the bait shop to top off the propane. At the camp office, I signed us into spot 164 then went in and got everything laid out. This is a really nice spot out in the back plus no mud! It’s close to the lake so Cali and I made a quick visit before locking her in and heading out.

Stopped at the self serve car wash and got the vehicle looking like new then worked my way over to the freeway and a twenty minute drive later I was at JAX airport with time to spare. I ended up parked out in the hinterlands before getting my bearings and figuring out where my terminal was. Grabbed a newspaper and waited in a seat facing the gate where the arrivals exited the gate. Not much longer and there she was! Seems like she was gone forever. So good to have her back where she belongs. Or was that Kotter? We talked non stop about her trip and my non trip as we drove back to Hanna Park.

Cali was stoked to see PJ and we all toured the camp and did a reconnaissance of site 39 where we move to tomorrow to finish out our stay at Hanna. Had a relaxing dinner chatting the whole time and opened our little gifts to one another.

I had the rope lights surrounding the patio and the strip lights on the awning lit. Nice place to hang out so we had tea and sat out in the cool evening watching campers passing by. Not many empty spots left. Big crowd for New Years, lots of excited kids running all around. Peaceful sitting our the porch being back together again.

6 thoughts on “PJ is back!l

  1. Wow u both look beautiful happy colorful and in love you transmit the ideal threesome love you all and know you will have the happiest of New Years so wish you were here for hugging you too Cali


  2. Another AWWWWW! It’s so good to see the 2 of you back looking happy and in love. Mike, you did a terrific job with the lights and flowers to make PJ’s welcome home so romantic. I’m sure Cali was over the moon to see her mama. Have a great night. Love you both, Meema


  3. Yea she’s Back!!!! We thought you’d be too busy to write a blog 😇
    Have the most HAPPY NEW YEAR🎊🎉🎈💘


  4. Oh Mike, you did a wonderful job of getting everything ready for PJ!!! Flowers are beautiful! Welcome home PJ!! You both look so happy!! I have been very busy with grandchildren this weekend, I’m falling asleep as I text! Oh, the joys of life!! Love you both very much! Karen


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