Cuban Sandwhich

A couple of nondescript days at Hanna campground. I haven’t been feeling all that great and I think I had a hangover from the Thai food I ate last night. ‘Tiger Cried’ was the name of the dish but the only thing crying was my stomach. I do pretty good with spicy food but this one caused me intestinal damage. Cali and I started out the day with a hike down the trail to the beach. We walked as far as the dredge pipe by pavilion 8. The storm had whipped up a bunch of suspicious looking foam that was piling up on the beach. Cali didn’t seem to mind being out in the wind today. She was in good tune. No shark teeth, so we returned to the RV for some breakfast.

Cali sends her love

We laid low until it was time to go to the noon meeting over on Penman. I was a little late but got most of the meeting. Afterwards, I decided to drive over to Neptune Beach to check out the paddle board store there to have a look at some used SUPs. It is a cute little beach town center but with zero parking. People were circling like buzzards trying to catch an open space. I did about three revolutions around the neighborhood then decided it wasn’t worth it and pointed myself back towards Hanna Park. I stopped at Sub Cultured and picked up a Cuban sandwich that I took to the beach and ate in the parking lot by pavilion 8 after checking the surf at the poles.

I didn’t want to go home just yet, so I drove over by the lake and did a walk around the park area there. I figured that maybe by walking I could better sneak up on some alligators but not today. I meandered around for about an hour digesting my lunch and taking a few pictures. Mostly birds. This area is a known bird watching zone. It had rained earlier and the sun never made an appearance but the temperature was mild and it was nice to be out.

I came back to camp and just hung out for the late afternoon into the evening. Quite a few people arrived today. The camp is really loading up. There’s even big trailers directly across from me now. But so far, not too noisy and I still have the two sites right in front of the door open still. Cali and I went for a few long walks to assess the situation but mostly hid out inside.

2 thoughts on “Cuban Sandwhich

  1. Great pics of the crazy foam and pond scum! Sorry about your tummy issue. Isn’t it strange how we can eat something many times and then WHAM that next time it damn near kills you. We had a great meeting yesterday – very powerful, but it was sad knowing we won’t see PJ for a while. Enjoy your reunion with your love and keep your wonderful blog going. Love, Meema


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