Hot Jacksonville

Today, Jacksonville broke its record temperature for this date in history with a high of 85. We took advantage of the warm weather and headed over to the beach. There were some snappy little waves pounding right on the shallow sand. We opted for boogie boards and got some fun rides up onto the sand. We were lounging in our chairs watching the tide drop when a sudden rain squall came roaring in clearing the crowded beach. We put our things in the car then walked back out to the empty beach to hunt for shark teeth in the rain.

As we were splashing around in the shallows watching the shells and flotsam wash around our feet, a beautiful rainbow appeared arcing from one end of the beach to the other. The kaleidoscope of color seemed to bring good luck as the sun returned and we found eight little shark teeth between us. Sunburned and peacefully tired we came back to the RV for a relaxed unseasonably warm evening.

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