Cold Jacksonville

Once again, the Florida weather has gone totally schizophrenic. After a night of hard rain, the high today was twenty degrees colder than yesterday as a cold front moved in overnight. A perfect excuse to lounge around and not do too much. PJ went to Planet Fitness to start the day while I slept in and lazed about camp.

When she returned, we walked around camp taking Cali on some new pathways. We found a trail along the lake that we hadn’t seen before and followed it a short way to the water. There weren’t many other people out and about as we ranged around the park.

Spring is Coming

We spent the afternoon doing the laundry and getting all of our closets in order. Other than that, it was reading the paper and watching some inspirational videos PJ has for us doing a little workshop. Positive way to pass a day.

4 thoughts on “Cold Jacksonville

  1. Happy cold Valentine’s day. Mr. cardinal looks quite beautiful in the foliage. It’s 30 degrees with a 20 degrees “feel like”. I’m off to get my 1st. of 3 lubricant shots and book my knee replacement date before I go to the KIS meeting. Hope it warms up for you. Love, Meema


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