Downward Facing Donkey

We enjoyed a totally zen day at Karma Acres. We had a laid back morning meditating and reading then we moved outside and ate our breakfast in the sun. The donkeys came by to wish us a good day so we shared another apple with them. The more time we spend with them the more comfortable they get letting us pet them and get up close.

Lisa, the owner and master beekeeper, rode out on her little mower with the trailer and visited a number of the hives. She would smoke the bees to calm them and then split the hives so that they don’t get too overcrowded. It took a few trips and lots of diligent attention to get the hives all set to produce future volumes of honey. She stopped by afterwards and we got acquainted. Super nice folks.

Lee came by in the early afternoon to clear the lounges off of the deck for us to do our yoga class later in the day. I asked him a few questions about the honey trade and he took us on a small tour to see how the honey is processed. The frames of honey combs are placed on a stainless steel spinner that looks somewhat like a bioreactor and it spins the squares of honey comb to remove all of the honey that then runs down to get captured in five gallon buckets. They have a pretty good stock accumulated in the processing shed.

Lynn, our yoga instructor arrived at 2:00 to have a session with us on the deck. We talked for quite a while before getting started. She was really interesting and she and PJ had a lot in common with caring for elderly parents. We lost track of time as we did a varied and challenging set of poses and asanas. We enjoyed the afternoon immensely and getting to know some cool and engaging people.

PJ walked Lynn out to her car then we took Cali for an afternoon stroll through the back acres to have a look around. The day was warm but the sun only came out in spurts. Cali has been digging running around leash free. Her only concern is the donkeys. Bonnet gave her a little nip earlier just so she would know who really rules the pasture. It was an awesome day doing something out of the ordinary. Our little side trip to Karma Acres has been a complete retreat and opportunity for reflection. We finished our day sharing our gratitude lists that we have been working on for the week. Good karma at Karma Acres.

2 thoughts on “Downward Facing Donkey

  1. What a beautiful, educational experience you had! I could feel the peace and love all the way back here. God works in mysterious ways to have taken you there. Stay well. Love, Meema


  2. Sitting on the floor in front of the fire with Mags snoring next to me and your joy and love is filling my heart! Karma Acres is a gift! Pam you are a goddess. Much love xx


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