Feeling the Good Karma

Hanna Park was fully booked for this weekend so we had to come up with alternative lodging until Sunday. There is a website called Hipcamp that works kind of like Air BnB for campers where people list their property, usually land out in the wild, for people to camp on for a fee. We found a cool looking place in not so far away Callahan that is a working bee farm with over 60 hives producing tasty honey and other products like lip balm and soaps. Karma Acres is the name of the operation.

We packed up camp at Hanna then moved over to the large vehicle parking area at the beach and killed a couple of hours gathering a few more shark teeth since we don’t check in at the farm until 3:00. The day was decent, a bit overcast but in the high sixties. We made the short drive easily taking about 45 minutes to go inland about 30 miles. We tried entering at the front gate, but couldn’t make under the low trees so we backed out and came around the side where we our host Lee set up us next to the fire pit and we made acquaintance with the two resident donkeys, Bonnet and her son, Mason.

They have a retro trailer they rent out but it is empty and we are able to use the porch and the barbecue. Cali is not sure what to make of the two larger than normal creatures that are intent on checking her out. We had fun petting the donkey duo and giving them some carved up apple for a treat. We sat outside in the shade and relaxed for part of the afternoon then settled into the RV for an afternoon nap.

Pretty peaceful out here in the boonies. We are content to take it real slow and get in some down time. I cooked up one of my world famous shrimp stir frys and we ate it at the dinette while discussing our future plans. PJ went out with Cali for a walk and was followed home by our two new mascots who were out looking for a treat. Lee had come over earlier with a sweet little gift basket with honey, soap, balm, s’mores fixins and muffins. But the coup de gras was a bag of donkey treats. So we cemented our donkey brotherhood by styling Mason and Bonnet out with a handful of little cookies. PJ worked on her day of the dead art while I did some reading and writing. Great spot to get quiet.

One thought on “Feeling the Good Karma

  1. What a fun spot to chill! Your new friends look like they want to visit inside your home. Poor Cali didn’t know what to do with her tail between her legs and a donkey trying to make friends. Enjoy the new “camp”. Love, Meema


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