Villa Celeste

A low key day at Villa Celeste. I did a lot of sleeping in and lounging around in the shade of the lawn area where I’m camped. In the afternoon, I got up enough gumption to grab a boogie board and take it to the meager waves rolling in out front. Any time the water temperature is in the upper seventies, you won’t catch me complaining. I dried off under the awning, then face timed PJ and took her on a virtual walk around the compound.

In the late afternoon, I joined the group of regulars who sit on the deck overlooking the ocean to watch the sunset. An eclectic conglomeration of people who normally might not mix. As the fluid levels in their cocktail glasses diminished, the conversation grew more animated. I stuck around for a bit then shortly after dark, everyone dispersed to their own quarters for the night. A day for catching up on rest.

9 thoughts on “Villa Celeste

  1. I guess I have to say it too. Mike, you really have a beautiful smile! Thanks for the lovely pics. I’m off to bed as it’s been a long day with Chrissie – 20 min. of ice on, 20 min. off. You remember the drill. Have a beautiful stay. Love, Meema


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