Reeling in the Rays

The wind was a bit lighter this morning, not glassy but the best it’s been. I grabbed the board and paddled early. The ocean was still a little lumpy so I didn’t go too far. When I got back in line with Villa Celeste, I caught a few choppy knee high waves but it was fun to be riding something, anything at this point.

I sat around out at my table afterwards chatting with other campers passing by. Andrew and Carol stopped by to say so long. They are heading south to continue their adventures. Maybe I’ll run into them again down the road. Canela’s owner was out with the dog and we had a long conversation on the lawn in front of Wilson. The family from New Brunswick passed by and I caught a bit of their story. Lots of interesting people roaming around the camp. The French Canadian couple Max and Mary we’re heading into town and asked if I wanted anything. I asked them to get me some squid as they were rolling by.

Canela doing her happy dance

I got busy with domestic chores. First hooking up and draining the tanks. I’d left putting the hoses out until it was necessary and today was the day. Got that done then hooked up the water hose to the fresh water tank and sat down to practice on guitar while it filled up. I promptly forgot about it until 20 minutes or so later, Mike from the cabina upstairs walked by and said “hey you’ve got a leak”. Oops, I guess that’s as full as it can get. I got a five gallon jug of drinking water from the office area and refilled all my smaller containers. Then it was mostly reading until I fell asleep.

Max had returned from La Cruz and had a packet of squid from the supermarket. I asked him what I owed him and he said he wanted to fish with me as payment. So, at five we met up and got our poles set up then went out front and tossed our offerings of squid into the water. I was a bit skeptical because it stays shallow for quite a ways out. It wasn’t long before I hooked up a little ray. It was fun reeling him in but not so fun carefully removing the hook while avoiding the whipping stinger. I tossed him back and he swam off. A little later, I caught a small white fish. I’m not sure what it is. If you know please tell me. He was only about 10 inches long, so back he went also. Nothing for the dinner table, but at least there was action for the evening.

The best thing we caught was a beautiful pink sunset poking through the thick, cotton like clouds. It had been overcast all day but a few rays of sun managed to get through. We gave up after dark and I went in to tend to the hound. Villa Celeste is a cool spot to hang out.

3 thoughts on “Reeling in the Rays

  1. Sounds like a fun and relaxing day for you and Cali. I remember all of the different people we met when we camped. Seems like you met a good, friendly group there. Hope you’re soaking up the warm sunshine for us. Be well. Love, Meema


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