Feliz Cumpleanos Estella

Cali is still not one for letting me sleep in. Although, she easily returns to her slumbers after a brief outing, I’m wide awake with mind and body starting to ratchet up for the day. The little waves out front had some fairly good shape, so after a cup of tea I paddled out to ride a few. I worked my way down the coast to where the oyster fishermen were and checked out the day’s catch then returned to Villa Celeste and rode a few waves there. The younger couple in the camper in the back came out and caught a few fun little peelers at the point.

I kicked back on the mat finishing my book and practicing some guitar. In the afternoon there was a little shindig up at Noe’s for his wife, Estella’s birthday. There was lots of cooked shrimp, ceviche, salad and various dishes. I ate a bit of the excellent fare talking to some of the other campers then we sang happy birthday and chowed a piece of cake.

It was nap or burn off some cake, so I grabbed my bike and pedaled down the beach towards Celestino. A fisherman in gum boots was standing out on the rocks tossing a hand line out and reeling it back hand over hand. I watched him haul in a large jack to go along with another that was already hanging over his shoulder. He was using a red & white plug that looks like one I have in my tackle box.

Inspired by his success, I raced home and grabbed my stuff. I spent an hour casting away trying a couple of different lures to no avail. I was soggy and disappointed as the sun went down in a blaze of pink glory. Another beautiful evening with people walking the beach, dogs chasing balls and horse riders trotting past. Fish wasn’t on the menu, so I settled for ham, cheese and crackers under the stars.

2 thoughts on “Feliz Cumpleanos Estella

  1. Wow-you went to a birthday party! Who is the cute little pooch sitting in your lap? You amaze me with all of the physical activity you do in a day. I’m totally pooped after having Chrissie here for 4 days and nights.Taking care of her was no problem but I went to her house to feed the 2 cats and 1 dog and take him for a walk. I told her today that at 78, I really can’t do this again. My grandson (29) lives with her and the 2 were sniping at each other today. I dropped off and picked up laundry and headed for the hills. Whew, thanks for listening to me vent. The Serenity Prayer was said many times this week. Have a great day tomorrow. Love, Meema


  2. Keeping the lure hooked to the pole doesn’t work, you have to put it into the water. We had nice talk with Pam this morning. R&S Luv ya!


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