A mellow morning around Villa Celeste. The waves were blown out early so I felt no inclination to get in the water or do anything physical. I sat sipping tea while looking out at the ocean. Talked a little to the B.C. surfer and air dropped him the photos I took of them surfing yesterday. A fisherman with a cast net was working the shoreline walking from south to north tossing out his net at regular intervals trying to capture from unsuspecting fish.

I made breakfast and sat out under the awning. The husband of the lady who has been hanging solo across from me flew in yesterday and first thing he did was set up his loud speaker system and started cranking tunes. Elevator type stuff and old crooning Spanish classics. It was okay for awhile but turned annoying fairly quickly. Luckily they set out for La Cruz to go stock up on groceries so I got a little break mid day. But soon they were back and the entire front area of the campground sounded like a tinny mariscos restaurant. I made an escape and rode my bike into town to the barbecue chicken joint where I picked up a freshly grilled chicken to provide a few tasty meals.

When I returned, it was still disco time so I went to the deck out front overlooking the beach where I got my fingers good and greasy making little chicken tacos with my pollo asada. It was a satisfying lunch and I sipped a Mexican coke to top it off. I’ve been Monster free for about 5 days and was jonesing for a shot of caffeine. It was nap time but I was having a problem with the music. It wasn’t really that over the top but by now I’d gotten myself worked up over it so it was bugging me more than it should have. I tossed in ear plugs and managed to cop a few ZZZs. The decline in tranquility is actually a good thing. It is motivating me to finally continue down the road. I stopped in here to rest for a couple of days and it has morphed into eight. It is such a nice place to let yourself be marooned.

Betsy keeping things tidy

Luciano, the other half of the caretaking team

Noe picked up a mobey from an older guy from Arizona who just left yesterday so that his dad can use to get around while he recovers from a recent major surgery. His daughter Noella has claimed it and has been cruising around Villa Celeste on the electric wheel chair. She tossed Cameron, Max’s son, on the back and they went for a spin. I paid up my tab for the week. Noe gave me one day free and we sat talking for a while. He’s got a good little thing going here, a serene oasis for people visiting Sinaloa.

I got most of my gear packed up and I started preparing to hit the road tomorrow. Jorge, the music man, came over and we talked for awhile until the crew started congregating on the deck for the sunset. He’s got a very interesting story coming from Guatemala and surviving some of the darkest days of military governments where he paid the price for daring to speak out against the oppressive regime at the time. I joined the sunset watchers and took in my final Celestino golden sunset. A little more preparing, some puppy chow in envelopes for Cali and a repeat of my chicken lunch for me. Cali really goes for this particular food. It’s for puppies so they make it higher in calories which she can definitely use. Let’s see where I end up tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Curmudgeon

  1. Still enjoying your blogs. The pics of the skies are spectacular. The chicken looked yummy and had me thinking of picking up a 2 breast pack from Dave’s. Travel safely. Love, Meema


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