Thinning the Herd 

Adios Miguel and Nancy. We’re down to seven people in the entire compound after today. I spent most of the morning sitting on the deck working on the computer. Manuel has hired a couple of new girls to help out, but I mostly see them sitting around a table at Maria’s eating some home cooking. I took the dogs and we tried a few different roads as we rambled around town. On our return, we sat at the beach and watched the waves at the point.

Up on the deck, it was time for some stretching and a little exercise. Maria raked up a giant pile of leaves and lit it on fire right upwind from me. I was choking on the smoke while trying to do a few sit ups. Finally, it drove me from my perch and I went down and got the soft top surfboard from Miguel. He wanted me to lock it up in Lexi if PJ is going to use it. We hung out in his garage area talking for quite a while. This afternoon, they hit the road not to return until October. Bummer. The place is getting more ghostly by the day. 

Cali, Koda and I did a little more roaming around the village. When the smoke cleared, I closed them back up in the tower and went out to the beach. There is definitely some swell moving in. Things are bumpy and shifting, but maybe tomorrow morning will be good. Took the kick board out and caught a bunch of dumping little close outs. I had a blast.

It was getting close to seven, the hour that El Socio Restaurant stacks up its chairs. So I got out, toweled off and went over and ordered a ceviche mixto – pulpo and camarones. I ordered it up and waited while watching the ocean, and waited….and waited….and, well you get the picture. It was cool with me, I’ve got nothing else going on. A fisherman came by with a big sack full of sierras that he sold to the restaurant and to some of the customers. There were several tables of locals hanging out, some waiting for food and others just hiding in the shade drinking cold beers. Finally, my ceviche showed up and I leisurely ate my dinner, sampling the different bottles of hot sauce that they provided at the table. There were two older ladies still eating when I finished my meal, so I wished them a buen provecho and went back to my lawn chair and watched the sun go down. 

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