Rifle Gap State Park

When we woke this morning, we debated staying another night just because it is so laid back and comfortable. The only problem being that our space is reserved for tonight by someone else. We called the office and they had two sites open. We chose site 60 and packed up and raced to the camp office a half mile away in order to get the spot before someone reserves it online. The staff at Rifle Gap are friendly and accommodating. We payed up then hit the dump station on the way back in. 

Our new site

Quickly set up in our new space and proceeded to lounge. My back was a little tweaked so it was a day of reading and resting and enjoying watching the boats, jet skis and kayaks go past. We sat outside in our beach chairs with an unobstructed view of the lake and whiled away the hours.

In the afternoon, we took a walk down by the boat ramp to check things out. The day was growing increasingly hot, so PJ decided to jump in the lake and swam out by the buoy. Koda went in up to her neck and Cali got her feet wet. I sat on a rock and watched with amusement. We hiked back through the bush and Cali ate her fill of grass to clean out her stomach.

More unfettered laziness and loitering around camp. We walked around our loop for the evening outing then retired to the RV for the night. Rifle Gap shoots straight. Large sites, well kept with friendly hosts and staff. Walt rakes up your campsite before you arrive leaving the little zen rake trails in the sand. Each site has a little sand bottom boxed in platform for tents and a shade cover and table. A solid B.

One thought on “Rifle Gap State Park

  1. Love the new campsite…..great to unwind, eat grass, and hide the throw-up! We hung shower curtains at Dawn’s new pad today…..waiting on the toilet seat for sort of move in on Sunday.


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