Rained Out or is that Rained In?

I woke up at 6:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. The rain was pouring down in sheets and the wind was shaking the RV from side to side. I made some tea and sat by the window watching the road outside turn into a shallow stream. Several of the other campers bailed early heading for dryer environs. PJ slept late while I quietly read and did sudoku puzzles at the dinette. Cali slept in too so when PJ finally roused herself, we all three waited for a lull in the steady downpour and hopped out for a lap around the campground.

We got back just before the rain increased and it never let up again until nightfall. A real frog drowner. PJ made numerous phone calls to family and friends. I played some music and generally idled away the day. In the afternoon, the stir craziness started getting to us so we jumped in the car and thought we’d swing by the Cape Henry lighthouse but it was closed and the guards at the gate gave us the bum’s rush. We drove down Atlantic Ave. and made our way to Grommet Island, the playground in front of the 1st street jetty, Virginia Beach’s most popular surf spot.

The wind was howling sideways and it felt like getting sandblasted in the face walking out to the beach. The ocean was wild and out of control. We squeezed off a few quick photos trying not to get the camera too wet even as we were getting soaked through to the skin. Needless to say, we didn’t last too long as we fled back to the car to dry things off. We drove down the empty tourist boulevard lined with eateries and the ever present Sunsations stores filled with beach gear and chotzkes for the summertime throngs. Not much else going on. A slow drive home, another dog walk and a bite of dinner. The rain tapered off after sunset and it’s supposed to be clear and sunny tomorrow 😎

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