Poke Bowls and Reminiscing

The coyote and I did our usual morning jaunt around the beach fronting Chesapeake Bay in front of our camp. A huge turn around from yesterday’s soggy beginning. The sun was shining brightly but the air was still as cold or colder. We meandered about the sand for awhile until Cali got bored and started pulling for home.

We had a relaxing morning, eating breakfast and occasionally going out to wander around the campground checking things out. I took a hot shower at the bath house under the watchful eye of a gigantic daddy long legged spider. A guy from Wyoming took a liking to Cali and chatted us up. Turns out he has a rescue dog from a trip to Baja himself. After I was cleaned up, we headed towards Norfolk to meet up with PJ’s close friend and confidante Diana. She has family out here in Virginia and has been living here helping with the grandkids for much of this past year. I think she’s taken a liking to Virginia or maybe it’s just being close to her two adorable granddaughters. She treated us to a flavorful lunch of poke bowls at a little Asian diner in town. It was great catching up. She and PJ had tons to talk about.

It was late afternoon by the time we were heading back to First Landing. We gassed up the car and restocked the groceries at the local Food Lion. Cali was glad to have us home and as soon as the perishables were stashed away, we crossed the little wooden bridge to the beach to catch a beautiful sunset going down over Virginia Beach. The favorable weather even drew out a number of other folks to enjoy the finish of the day on the sands of the Chesapeake. Being the weekend, a lot of new faces were showing up to set up their campsites. Mostly RVs, but I was surprised by the number of hearty tent campers that were showing up to pitch a camp and enjoy the late fall weekend.

8 thoughts on “Poke Bowls and Reminiscing

  1. Poke Bowls–YUM!!!!! We did get 6 in. of snow and then the heavy rains made it too heavy to move. Luckily my neighbors snow blowed the heavy slush and as the temp climbed, a lot of the snow melted. Tomorrow will be Rich’s 3rd. anniversary Mass at 5 P.M. I don’t know where the time has gone. Love, Meema


    1. Ahh, we are missing out on fun with the snow blower. We are thinking of you today at Richard’s memorial service. We love you. PJ andMike


  2. Enjoyed the “apropos” moniker for Cali Dog. Family starts to descend tomorrow nite for Thanksgiving, and will continue through the weekend…..we will miss you both (all [oops, Cali too] ).
    Festivities start between 3-4….we will call you when everyone is here!


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