Happy New Year!!!

Here’s wishing everyone the best of everything in 2019. Wow, where do all of the years go? New Year’s Eve we attended a meeting over in Atlantic Beach before hitting the Planet Fitness for a final workout for 2018. The campground was full and people were in a festive mood. We are set up in our new spot and it has lots of room and a cool bunch of neighbors. We walked the grounds several times and in between we watched Searching for Sugarman on the BluRay. Killer little movie. We took a final stroll at midnight and rung in the new year. Lots of fireworks in the surrounding neighborhoods and celebration in the park.

Today, we loafed around our campsite for most of the morning avoiding the mass exodus. The camp host told us over 120 campers pulled out this morning. Cali got herself a bath to start off the year. She seemed pleased to be nice and sparkly clean. We rode our bikes around the park stopping at the different beach areas to check out the large crowds that have come down to enjoy the warmest New Year’s in Jacksonville’s history at 83 degrees. We locked up the bikes down by the poles and walked the shoreline searching for shark teeth.

PJ got it into her head that we needed to do a polar bear plunge to start off the year. After some feeble protest, I caved and we jumped into the chilly waters wearing my canvas shorts and Duluth chonies. Awake and refreshed, we wandered around the sand a while longer to dry off a bit before biking back. Still no teeth, but we talked to a girl that found six yesterday so I guess they must be out there.

On the way back, we did a tour through the lake park area to see what the birds were up to. The park had lots of families out ending up a sunny New Year’s and watching the first sunset of 2019. PJ found a bench and took a few minutes to call her mom and wish her a happy new year. All types of birds were winging by overhead calling it a day and heading over to the islands of trees in the middle of the lake where they sleep for the night. As the sun went down, we hurried home to get in some hot showers before cooking up omelets and rice. An excellent day to start off a year full of endless possibilities.

Happy New Year, Carole