Florida Pro

Being our last full day at Sebastian Inlet, we made our way over to the beach to watch the surf contest, the Florida Pro, and to jump in the ocean for a dip. We sat on the sand and ate a few lunch items that PJ had packed then swam out to bodysurf a few hard breaking little close outs. The women’s contest was under way up the beach near the jetty moving a large crowd of Inlet regulars and upcoming contest competitors north to surf in front of the northern beach access.

We spent most of the afternoon at the beach relaxing on the sand and occasionally walking up to the contest area to watch an interesting heat. The water was surprisingly warm and the sun made a strong appearance today. We stayed until we started feeling a bit of a sunburn then toted our stuff back out to the car and headed down the A1A to the McLarty museum to check out the site where the Spanish fleet was shipwrecked in 1715.

The museum was a small building at the south end of the state park. We paid a small fee then wandered around looking at the artifacts from the village that the survivors had set up after a hurricane sunk their fleet of eleven galleons full of gold. Luckily, the local natives helped them out but they still had a rough time of it. They mentioned more than once the tortuous insects and we can only imagine with the way we’ve been getting worked by the no-seeums here at the park. To this day, people are still finding treasure washing up on the shore. The latest was a gold and emerald ring a guy had come across a little to the south of the park.

In the evening, we rode the bikes down to Coconut Point to catch our final Sebastian sunset. It was a beautiful end to an enjoyable beach day. We have to take advantage of the warm days that pop up between the spates of coldness in this bi-polar Florida weather.