A Drive Up the Road

Today opened up much warmer than yesterday. It would best yesterday’s high by over 17 degrees by the end of the day. We drank coffee by the beach and watched people coming down to start their day with a walk on the sand. We made arrangements in the office to come back in March when PJ flies home again to check in on her mom. Speaking of mom, a big happy birthday to Carole who added another candle to the cake today.

We packed things up and got on the road after lunch. It was a mellow and scenic drive up the A1A to Jax Beach where we will be setting up camp in the jungle for a short stay. We passed over the drawbridge in St. Augustine with its iconic lions and drove by the San Marcos fort that sits on the downtown waterfront. Lots of gray heads were to be seen crowded onto train like shuttles that were touring them through old St. Augustine.

Once we got set up, we headed to the beach for a fruitless search for the ever elusive shark tooth. It didn’t help that the ranger at the entrance brought us into his office and showed us his giant trove of collected teeth including a giant megalodon fossil tooth that he had framed. We had an enjoyable afternoon wandering aimlessly along the shore then finished getting settled and lounged about in our forested hideaway.