Canaveral Beach Day

We spent most of the morning doing domestic stuff around camp. PJ did a batch of laundry while I repaired a ding I had gotten on my surfboard hauling it around in the basement storage of the RV. It was another warm, sunny Florida day. Being Sunday, quite a few of the weekend campers packed it in and headed back to start up their work weeks. In the morning, the cruise ships roll into port and let loose their passengers to do who knows what in this funky neighborhood then in the late afternoon, they go floating back out to sea. It catches you by surprise when you’re sitting at the breakfast table and look up and see the upper decks of a giant boat gliding by above the trees and RV roofs.

A discerning squirrel admires our new surf racks

In the afternoon, we walked over to the beach and had a swim in the 70 degree water. The ocean stays shallow for quite a way out. We splashed around until we got too cold then went in and dried off looking for shells. We heard the loud ship’s horn and shortly after a large Royal Caribbean cruise ship with music blasting and activity director shouting on the PA system. It dwarfed the fishing pier as it eased its way out to deeper waters.

We returned to camp and walked Cali then got all excited about getting some fish & chips at Fishlips. We hiked over only to find they had instituted new winter hours and had closed their doors at four! Since we over by the jetties, we strolled along the waterway watching the sunset and checking out the people and boats going by. A totally relaxing Sunday.