Smell-Bourne Beach

Cali was fidgety early so I pried myself out of bed and took her for a spin around the campground. The sky was lightening over towards the east so I parked Cali back inside and walked over to the beach to catch the sunrise. Watched it rise up out of the sea then took a long walk down the beach to the south until I reached the area that was closed off for sand restoration. I had taken my time poking around looking for shark teeth on the way down but I picked up the pace and had a brisk walk back.

Today was a moving day but our next stop was only 40 or so miles down the A1A so we loitered around at Jetty until our noon check out time. We had an easy commute down the thin ribbon of land between the intracoastal waterway and the Atlantic. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail we were pulling into Outdoor Resorts in Melbourne Beach. Our spot is a giant slab right on the Indian River. The compound is pretty fancy with the majority of sites housing permanent mobile homes but there is a fair number of sites set up for RVs. We got hooked up and hung out on the sun watching the pelicans fish just off of our dock.

As I was getting checked in, PJ was noticing a foul smell in the air. I’d love to pass this place off as being as cool as it looks but the algae troubles in this part of Florida have the air perfumed with a ghastly odor of sulphuric gases. Good thing we don’t offer smell-o-vision on the blog. The stench was harsh in the afternoon but mellowed our later in the day. Bummer, this place is a nice quiet respite otherwise. We walked Cali around in the evening then sat on the water’s edge and watched the sunset. Dolphins swam by within ten yards of our chairs, birds were diving for fish and the sky was filled with brilliant color. The weather is taking a turn for the colder again so we moved our act inside after dark and had a quiet night.